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La commande australienne de cylindres de forgeage est expédiée avec succès

Heure: 2024-04-03

This order comes from Australia, the customer's main equipment manufacturing industry, he order a batch of forging hollow cylinder, from the pursuit of excellence in product quality, its supplier selection, is particularly rigorous and careful, after the first qualification and ability of the strict audit, Jetvision has the honor to become the customer's supplier, in the later cooperation, the two sides win-win cooperation, the product quality in the first place. Create industry excellence in their respective fields.

Australian Forging Cylinder Order Details:

Emplacement du projetAustralie

Produit:  Forging hollow cylinder

Norme et matériel: Acier inoxydable

Spécifications: Selon le clients demande et dessin

Application: Engins de construction et d'exploitation minière

Délai d'enquête2023.01.13

Temps de commande2024.02.29

Délai de livraison2024.03.30

Estimé unheure d'arrivée2024.04.28

cylindre de forgeage

Driving customers to continue to chooseJetvision reasons, in addition to product quality, andJetvision always uphold the principle of customer first service.During the implementation of the project,Jetvision sent special personnel to supervise the packing, rationally and maximize the use of container space, and reduce shipping costs for customers; With rich export experience, we have prepared relevant documents such as packaging declaration, Sino-Australian Certificate of origin, and successfully reduced the destination port tax for customers.

For every order, Jetvision is committed to products and services, and constantly strives to realize the vision of "Build the World , Serve the Globe".

forged hollow cylinder

Hunan Jetvision Industrial Co., Ltd est un fournisseur et fabricant professionnel et de confiance, qui propose principalement des alliages, de l'acier inoxydable et des alliages de cuivre-nickel, tels que 42CrMo, incoloy 800, hastelloy c276, 20CrMo, monel 400, inconel 625, alliage 15CrMo, cuivre c71500, acier inoxydable duplex s32205, acier inoxydable 15-5PH, acier inoxydable 904L, etc. Sur cette base, nous fournissons des types de produits (pièces forgées et brides), notamment des bagues forgées, des arbres forgés, des brides forgées, des barres forgées, bloc de forgeage, cylindre forgé, creux forgé, bride à col soudé, bride à enfiler, bride à joint à recouvrement, etc. Avec un prix d'usine bas et une qualité supérieure.

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